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Our schedule organizes time so stimuli can happen on all levels that we consider necessary in a creative process.

You can check the schedule by clicking HERE

Below is a description of each activity.

descrption program


We want to start mornings where there is a moment of connection amongst participants. We call this a tuning moment, be it through music, movement, breathing or any other discipline that aligns a group.


 Focus on movement, stage presence and acting. These are masterclasses where teachers/directors with extensive professional experience guide us to a space of boundless creativity.


As you register, you will be sent a list of concepts that this Creative Camp will build upon. We see concepts as an effective way of framing creative processes.


The Operalab is a space of exploration that will be opened up during evenings. There will be a very simple rule of conduct allowing for improvisations to happen taking into account this simple rule. 


We have come to see moodboards as an important aspect of any creative process. A given concept will be broken down in groups who will put together a moodboard. Using fabric, magazine clippings, photos, drawings, texts etc… We want to see participants gathering around a physical object and piecing together a collective vision.


Brainstorming sessions is where we see ideas shift shape and take on unexpected forms. We are including these brainstorming sessions in the schedule to help understand how group dynamics function when ideas are at stake.

mini production

Mini productions is our way of describing the process of looking at the skeleton of an idea developed during a brainstorming session and giving it life. We want you to take into account costumes, texts, sound design, video, lighting, make up, scripting and give form to your idea.


In I-Direct, we will give the possibility to a single “Director” to bring to life a vision with the backing of a group of participants. The emphasis will be on caring for the dynamics amongst individuals and making sure everyone is comfortable when only one person is directing.

inspiration night

There is a lot of incredible art being made and we believe it is important to get inspired by other people’s efforts. We see this as a place of exchange where we share some of our favorite stuff made by others.


This is a moment where we allow the “invisible” workers of any production to take center stage. They are usually the ones who give strength to others either through technology or by coming up with production methods or clever legal advice. Talks could include a sound designer, a lawyer, a production manager, a video jockey


When an idea has been brainstormed and has gone through a mini production, it is time to bring the result to stage and to show it to everyone. Our stage, setup and technicians will help to empower the vision that is being brought to stage.


Once a performance has been brought to stage and we have analyzed it, there will be a feedback moment where we will look at ways to strengthen the performance or idea. 

Schedule subject to change

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