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about us...

We have dedicated our working lives to the world of events.


Simple as that. 


From festivals to weddings, from world famous brands to private birthday parties for multimillionaires, from touring bands to stand ups, from mega corporate events to intimate rituals of the sacred, our constellation has been working together closely for the past 5 years, going deeper into ourselves and learning about the other along the way. We value more than anything the people with whom we are sharing our journey. 


We see ourselves as a moving circle, a spiraling web that keeps growing, involving our friends, families and incredible professionals. Basically, we want to meet more of you creatives around the world. 

We love doing this and Creative Camp is a way to transmit our passion, experience and curiosity.


Here is a quick introduction to the core team of 5 before coming to Ibiza and meeting the full blown team who have been practicing this method of collective creation. 

Athos Creative Camp.jpg
taty copia.png
athos germano castro (athos)

With years of experience as a professional model and a high sense of community, Athos has a natural ability to lead a group of creative minds. His sense of aesthetics and ethics give him the ability to embrace the larger picture. Founder and creative director of some of Ibiza’s alternative festivals such as the 10 year running Contact Dance festival, Flow festival, Ecstatic Dance Festival, Athos dreams to inspire artists and create platforms for them to express themselves.

tatiana eguizabal crespo (taty)

Tati perfected her skills of dance and presence and grew a keen eye for aesthetics and design. She likes to be quiet and let it all sink in before giving a strong insight into what is happening. She loves installations and the worlds they create for new life to exist. She understands what we sometimes don’t see. Her perspective is deeply feminine and motherly.


The true performer of the group, with years of training at dance and theatre college and then working with some of the most respectable names and venues in the industry, Monika has specialised in contemporary dance, choreography and costume design. She has even spent time experiencing the joys of street performing and learning how to capture the hearts of the audience. An energetic artist with boundless ideas and energy, Monika inspires us to push ourselves to new heights.

lorien nima bonan (nima)

Working for years in a global corporate event world has fused with his eccentricity and the poet inside of him, creating somewhat of a conundrum in Nima. We call him the Joker. He brings a balance to the group with his understanding of the industry with a keen sense of music, theatre, technical abilities and direction qualities and unleashes his creative and wacky side on and off the stage.

ross andrew hemmings (mogli)

His whole working life has been spent amidst performers and the creative process. This has obliged him to perfect some serious production skills organising creatives all over the world in all sorts of environments… Imagine that… A graphic designer and a logistical wizard with an uncanny ability of getting everyone to give the best of themselves on stage. He opens the door to our characters for them to inhabit our enchanted lands. He just keeps it simple and that’s the magic of it.

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