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Focus on movement, stage presence, acting and new technologies applied to the performing arts.

These are masterclasses where teachers/directors with extensive professional experience guide us

to a space of boundless creativity.








shahar dor

Shahar Dor is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher and the director. Internationally renowned, with over 30 years of experience, exploring the art of performance and multidisciplinary art, with a strong connection to the visual arts. His works can be described as 'live art ceremonies' that appear in the meeting point of the intimate and the epic. The starting point of his projects lies in exploring a material that creates an environment in which the body acts. This makes his work appreciated as both a performative form and a visual one. Shahar's work led him to create, collaborate and lead numerous artistic projects throughout the world. As a pedagogue and entrepreneur, he founded projects as ARTNESS Art House, Shahar Dor Ensemble, the Solo Festival, The Performers Labs, Punto Zero. He is known for his passion and pursuit of the invisible and presence, intuitive skills, and the ‘Connective Movement ‘ practice and philosophy he developed.


jules beckman

Jules Beckman is an American interdisciplinary performing artist and teacher, living in France since 2002. He has been making work collaboratively, teaching, and touring steadily in contemporary dance, theater, performance and circus since 1987.  Jules has been working with Needcompany since 2014, and performs his solo Pleasure Test. Other collaborators include: Anna Halprin, Olivia Grandville, Christophe Bergon/Camille de Toledo, Mia Habib, Robin Decourcy, Collectif AOC/Karin Vyncke, Libertivore/Fanny Soriano, Niklas Blomberg/Augustin Rebetez, Lhasa De Sela, Marine Mane, I.D.A./Mark Tompkins, Gulko/Cahin-Caha, Core, Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero, Zaccho/Joanna Haigood, Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann.  Jules’s collaborations include over twenty full-evening original works and several shorter pieces.

Jules has taught throughout the USA, in Europe, Russia, Mexico and Japan in studios, theatres and universities including at: Centre National des Art du Cirque (CNAC), MADE in France, Washington University Performing Arts study abroad program, University of Dance and Circus Stockholm (DOCH),Connecticut College, Mount Holyoke College, Prescott College, New College of California, Hope University, Canaldanse, Freiburg Contact Festival, Ponderosa Movement & Discovery Germany, KontaktBudapest, Liverpool Improv Collective, Ibiza Contact Festival, Grenoble Contact Festival, S.I.A.M.B./Barcelona, and others. 

If you are interested in the Joan Lavandeira course it is necessary to bring a laptop and have touchdesigner installed on the computer.
Toucdesigner is a free and paid software, to install it enter in this website (, create a new account and follow the steps.
It is advisable to have a prior idea of the Touchdesigner work environment or similar programs such as VVVV or maxmsp.





He studied engineering that has allowed him to have a method and a way to investigate and develop new territories.


He has developed individual projects (live A / V presentations with the alias of Manuel Thoms, randomVOLT, FTDI, uqbar / tlön) and also in groups (performing arts, more specifically dance, contemporary circus and performance) that allow reflection on the space and how we relate to it as in scenic spaces the body and the new territories or representations related to current representation practices. He has also developed the technical area in production, design and technique that allows me to face, design and plan complex cultural projects in the context of these times. Working mainly with MAXMSP and Touchdesigner.


He has worked in technical teams for large and small theaters with artists and international companies such as Pina Bausch (DE), Bejart Ballet de Laussane (CH), Peeping Tom (NL), OperaHaus Zu rich (CH), ITE (NL) . In international festivals as a technical producer in dance and theater with Jefta Van Dinther (DE), Lisbeth Gruwez (BE), Trajal Harrell (USA), Fabrice Murgia (BE).


In contemporary music, technical support in lighting tasks and visual software development with Julien Bayle -Void Records (FR), Marcel Weber-MFO (DE) and Stanislav Glazov-Lichtpfad (RU-DE). And international festivals such as SONAR (ES), MUTEK (ES), MIRA (ES), Berlin Atonal (DE).


He is the founder of the creative studio Isolator Space with Magdalena Lanas, collaborates with CHOUNAR and BeatmeLab, the Lichtpfad studio and the Julien Bayle studio. Since 2017 he has been the head and chief of the post-ISM electronic experimental music label based between Barcelona and Berlin.

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