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We want you to come to our home.


We’ve chosen this island for many years because we see it as being a catalyst for creation.

HANGAR will be hosting us during this 8 day process. During the Creative Camp, we will transform HANGAR into our little Performance Art factory by setting up several independent spaces.


In one of these spaces a stage will be built with state of the art tech equipment and technicians to give depth to ideas.

The other spaces are solely meant for exploration, exchange and creation.


HANGAR is located in Ibiza town where you will find different options of accommodation. We will send you some options by request.


HANGAR is a hub for ideas, art, music, design, humans and languages. HANGAR aims to integrate itself in Ibiza's atmosphere, being aware that its social intellectual task is to create new shapes and ideas in this magical place.

HANGAR wants to give opportunities to emerging and well-known artists, presenting them and their work, so that every artwork can represent HANGAR´S identity.


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